Modern technology is an ever changing landscape. Every single day, we are hammered with new software, updated practices, novel pricing schemes, and advanced databases. It’s impossible for the average business owner to keep up with, much less do so efficiently.

That is why IT consultants are a vital part of the efficient running of any business, large or small. It is our job to know the best types of systems to fit your unique needs, the best providers, and the most competitive prices.

To put it simply: We help you use technology better.

Since 2003, Tech Daddies, LLC has provided a variety of IT consulting services to our clients. From basic website design and development, to complex infrastructure deployments, we can handle it all.

Some of our specialties include: Web Application Development, Website Design, Mobile Application Development, Linux Server Administration, Securing, and Management, Virtualization Setup and Management, Database Administration (MySQL and PostgreSQL), and Custom Plugin Development (Wordpress, vBulletin, XenForo).

If you are interested in receiving a quote for your custom IT project, please contact us today!

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