Why do I need online backups?

Data loss is the fear of every computer user. Can you imagine losing all of your vacation photos? How about those videos that you shot of your child's birth? Important legal or tax paperwork on that machine of yours? Data loss can destroy all of that instantly.

Data loss can be caused by many things. Hardware failure, power surges, and even viruses can all destroy your cherished information in an instant. By utilizing an online backup provider, you can rest easy knowing that all of your important files are backed up securely in a remote location, and should the need ever arise, you will be able to retrieve those files immediately back to your computer.

How does the Tech Daddies backup system work?

Our unique backup system is very easy to use, and we will even come to your location and set it up for you, free of charge. Once it's set up, you don't have to worry about it. The Tech Daddies backup system continuously monitors your files for changes. When a change is noted, the file is immediately encrypted and uploaded to our secure backup servers. Because your files are encrypted using your chosen password as the key, the contents of those files are completely unreadable by anyone without that password, including us! In the event that you experience a catastrophic loss of data, you will simply reinstall our backup software on your new computer and it will immediately begin restoring your important files and folders.

How secure is my information?

Our servers are completely unreachable without several identification mechanisms. In the event that our servers are compromised for any reason, the attackers would still be unable to read your files since they are encrypted with your password. Without that password, your files are completely impossible to read.

How much does it cost?

Backup Space Price
25 GB $50 / month
50 GB $75 / month
75 GB $100 / month
100+ GB Please call for pricing. We do offer bulk discounts

Your data is too important to risk losing it over a failed hard drive or power surge. Protect your valuable information. Call Tech Daddies today for a free evaluation. We have extensive knowledge in backup strategies and testing and can provide multiple tiers of data protection for your company.