Have a digital phone system that you’ve been using for years, maybe decades? Have more than three POTS (plain old telephone service) lines connected?  It’s time for the future, and with the future comes a lower monthly cost!  The benefits to IP phone systems and VoIP service are immense, with the following being the most notable:

  • No more frequent visits from technicians for programming changes - it's all remote.
  • Lower monthly costs by eliminating POTS lines and switching to SIP service.
  • NO long distance fees.
  • Everyone can be on the phone at the same time making different calls
  • Everyone gets their own unique phone number (Direct Inward Dialing)
  • Fax over Internet
  • Easy web-based interface so YOU can make changes yourself.
  • Virtually any programming option available
  • Come on, IP phones look awesome!

Here are the results of an Information Week research study involving 280 companies either already using or planning on using VoIP:

Reason Percentage
Lower telecommunications costs 66%
Desire to merge voice and data networks 43%
Obtain a platform for one-stop communications in two or more areas 41%
Increase collaboration benefits in two or more areas 36%
Ease of management 31%
Scalability 24%