We all know that, for now anyway, our networks run via those disorganized cables that are threatening to fall out of your drop ceiling at any moment, are pulling down wall molding with their weight, and are tied in knots that would impress a boy scout. We have seen some absolute nightmares. They run everywhere, and not just for data networks, but for phones as well. Most cabling companies are staring their bottom lines in the face and run as little cable as possible - cutting corners, not leaving service loops, and even not color-coding or labeling their cables and termination points - that figures.

Tech Daddies, however, is so obsessive with a clean install or repair that we will often times reorganize network infrastructure pro bono - because, come on!

A business cannot operate at peak efficiency unless all of the peripherals running the operation are organized in an effective manner. Let Tech Daddies help you make more efficient use of your business' time. We run industry standard Categories 3,5,5e,6, and 6e IEEE certified twisted pair copper cables for data and phones, as well as single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables.

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