You and your employees make up your business; you are the core strength that not only provide the actual work, but also the face-to-face transactions with your clients or customers. There is one thing that can make or break your business: a networked infrastructure. A solid and well-functioning network can keep your employees in communication with one another in an efficient way, provide easy-to-access databases for your inventory, services, sales, payroll, or even make it possible to set up satellite offices - in effect, make your business grow.

Tech Daddies has extensive experience that can help you do just that - grow your business. With our specialized skills we can set up network infrastructure from scratch, add to an existing network, or even maintain a current network. Everything from terminating that blue cable behind your desk to maintaining the server that sits in that closet in the back.

Your infrastructure design and fiber optic backbone is critical to your business. With a properly set up structured cabling network, you will meet technical requirements as well as have scalability, meet your application demands, meet timelines, and be prepared for future growth. Any initial inspection or quote is absolutely free, and you can expect a detailed list of issues, requirements, rate expectation, as well as pros-and-cons related to the scope of work.

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After the initial inspection, Tech Daddies will send a technician or team of technicians to get started! We will begin by taking a walk-around for the purpose of eliminating any unforeseen issues related to the project, then get right to work! Depending on the location of the services being provided, we guarantee low-key and out-of-mind so you and your employees can continue on with a normal day. We will alert you prior to beginning any work if we need to take down any connectivity in the processes of repairs or replacement, assuring that no work will be lost.

Your goal is our goal, your business' success. It is our job to make sure that your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as it possibly can, so if you can't figure out what's-what in your incredibly messy server cabinet, need a new cable ran for a new employee, need to expand into the adjoining office, need troubleshooting on a pre-existing line that just stopped working, or just want to get some professional advice about upgrading your network, Give Tech Daddies a Call!